About the team

At Sundberg Production we emphasize being there at any time for our customers and make a great effort to fulfill your wishes. We are always with you from start to finish and will continuously have dialogues with you during the process, so everything remains as desired.

Sundberg Production has existed for over 30 years and with this comes a lot of experience as well as commitment regarding solving whatever task. We have planned and conducted all types of events and we posses a professional background for the knowledge to know what you need.

Out team

Jacob Sundberg

Owner & event manager

Educated from CBS

I started Sundberg Production when I was 22 and have been in this business since, which was when the demand of my events and show production occurred. I love making people happy and it is personally a huge factor for me that my customers know I’m always available for them. My long-standing work in this business has given me a great insight in the industry where as I advise, supervise and occasionally present Danish business people presentations related to meetings and conferences.
I do always have my finger on the pulse in order to make the result impressive and innovative.

My uncompromising commitment is due to my 30 years in the industry and the fact that I’m always in the process from start to finish. Briefly said: This is my life.

Sisse Andersen

Project Manager

Educated Leisure Manager

I have always been a frontrunner at planning and executing events and gatherings in my privately, during my study life and in variously other things, which has brought me close to doing this daily and creating some wonderful events with satisfied guests.

My passion lies in this industry and I enjoy watching ideas going from the drawing board to reality, and I pride on being proud of the results i deliver.


E-mail: sisse@sundbergproduction.dk

Phone: (+45) 52167290