Hørsholm Midtpunkt- 25th Anniversary

Fashion show, artists and events

When Hørsholm Midtpunk’s first floor had its 25th anniversary, we celebrated it with manners. We had an exciting weekend with two big fashion shows, treasure hunting, wheel of fortune and the X Factor winners, Anthony and Jasmine, were entertaining with a some tracks. We also had a visit by fashion expert Christina Wedel, who gave an exciting lecture on fashion and trends in the coming seasons. A long and entertaining weekend, in which we in collaboration with Hørsholm Midtpunk’s own event department, got a really good event. We participated in both planning and settlement.

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Elos Medtech Pinol A/S – spanish party


Elos Medtech Pinol’s had a great party as we transformed their atrium and canteen into a Spanish charter paradise. Both outdoor and indoor bars were set up, large grape vines hung from ceilings, candle bottles stood on all tables, large barrels, jars etc. were placed all over to give the feeling of being in the south. An event for approx. 80 guests, was a huge success. We were responsible for all the planning of the event and for the settlement on the day itself.

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