Bloomingville had the pleasure of having Sundberg Production help plan and host a customer event for us in Copenhagen.

The event were hosted with great preparation, professionalism and commitment from their side – and we were fully satisfied.

This is not the last time we use Sundberg Production when we need an event partner!

Lene Zachariassen
Sales Manager


Oticon/ DGS Denmark A/S

Oticon has worked with Jacob Sundberg and his team for the last 6 company parties. Jacob and his closest associates have delivered a high and professional level of dedication during the process and has accommodated our wishes, demands and expectations as well as brought inspiring and creative solutions and proposals.

Jacob does not compromise with quality and plays with open cards. He is a professional and trustworthy event partner which values personal honor in delivering the best possible.

We are thankful for the good Christmas parties and highly recommend Jacob Sundberg.

Pernille Smidt
Facility Manager

Novartis Healthcare A/S

Novartis has worked with Jacob Sundberg in relation to our major sales conferences at a Scandinavian level, local customer arrangements and company parties.

Jacob has solved all the tasks very satisfactorily and he delivers a good quality at a fair price. I highly recommend Jacob and the team he cooperates with both for small and large events.

Peter Drøidal
Novartis Healthcare A/S

Roche A/S

In the late summer of 2010 did Roche choose to celebrate our 40th anniversary with an active day for our 180 employees. We decided to put the responsibility into the hands of Jacob Sundeberg and we did not regret this decision. Jacob was involved in the planning from start to finish and he acted very proactive with his knowledge to suggest innovative solutions which we would never have thought of.

We had an amazing day where everything was functioning with activities 7 different places. Jacob was perceptible everywhere and made sure that all 180 employees had an amazing and active experience.

Anja Gjelstrup Kjær
Roche A/S


We have experienced Jacob Sundberg Production as a comfortable and competent event partner in planning and hosting a migraine symposium in Mogens Dahl concert hall.

Jacob works professionally and has from start to finish suggested several good proposals which we could choose between in order to secure a successful arrangement.

His in-depth knowledge of the chosen place meant that we could quickly find the final solutions after a few meetings and his good contacts meant that great flexibility was shown in relation to our desired wishes and needs.

During the arrangement were Jacob were aware of ensuring that everything was held accordingly to the plan and this included that the sound and light were perfectly functioning.

Lisbeth Blumensaat


Thanks for the great party last Friday!

It included nice decorations – nice food – fantastic singer and great band along with good service

Best regards


Pfizer Denmark

We have recently finished a major Company Day with 120 participating employees where the goal were to communicate a clear message.

As the person responsible for the day and a member of Pfizer Denmarks management, I contacted Jacob Sundberg from Sundberg Production, to help with the whole process including the structure and planning of the day as well as challenge the comminication.
We experienced a very inspiring and professional event partner which added exciting elements we didn’t think of ourselves and were introduced to new communication tools which had the desired effect. Throughout the whole process, Jacob managed to analyze our needs and suggested concrete solutions which were effective and realistic. At the same time he give us a valued and qualified counteraction which resulted in a very innovative and successful arrangement.

Jacob Sundberg contributed with a lot of commitment and a rare feeling of sharpened details. There was made no compromises with the quality and the budget and time schedules were kept. This gave us a feeling of professionalisme throughout the whole process and the participants got an experience which gave a priceless and positive effect in the organization henceforth.

Plenty in the leading group of Pfizer Denmark are very satisfied with the cooperation with Sundberg Production and won’t hesitate to use Jacob as a consultant and producer for events in the future for the organization. We can hereby only give Jacob Sundberg and Sundberg production our best recommendations.

Best regards

Carsten Bjaaland
Pfizer Denmark

BTX Group

It has been a pleasure from our side and er will look forward to work with you another time.

A pleasure with good experiences.

Malene Ravn Schmidt
BTX Group

IC Companys A/S

IC Companys A/S has been using Sundberg Production during several occasions. Sundberg Production has helped organizing events such as sales meetings and company parties with partipants from 50-400 people.

Jacob has made various presentations with a total delivery which means he has from an estimated budget found location, entertainment, music, theme, decoration and worked on the specific day himself.

IC Companys have always had their own Christmas theme parties and we are surprised year after year when Jacob invent creative ideas and decorations according to the specific theme.

It is always a pleasure to hire Jacob to host events. He has an incredible understanding for what the customers want and always manages to deliver it at a high level.
He does always focus on personal honor regarding delivering the absolute best and it makes us feel safe to know that everything is going to be solved with Jacob by our side.

Jacob as a person is very trustworthy, energetic, bubbly, positive and you are guaranteed to have a good time with Jacob, both in the process up to an event and when it’s hosted.

Mette Herbst
IC Companys A/S

First Hotels A/S

We had an intern event at First Hotel Skt. Petri in Copenhagen in January for around 210 employees and suppliers. The evening was an incredible and complete concept from arrival to departure and it contained a party with action, kidnappings, stunts, incredible dances, clips of James Bond and professional singing. Overall a fantastic exection of the theme.

The evening went over all expectations and we can safely recommend Jacob Sundberg Production

Ina K. Hesle
First Hotels A/S

Pfizer Denmark

Thank you so much for the bodega party.

Everyone I talked to was very excited about the party. No one could recognize the room and didn’t think we were at Pfizer.

Thanks again for a great party.

Best regards
Pfizer Denmark

Noa Noa ApS

We have worked with Sundberg Production several times in relation to shows and kick off meetings and have always experienced a qualified and positive event partner that can do both small and large tasks.

I have a lot of faith in Jacob and can highly recommend him.

Thomas Valbo
Noa Noa

Pfizer Denmark

I have had the pleasure of working with Sundberg Production and creating an event from an idea to completing it for a team on 35-40 persons. Jacobs positive and solution-oriented approach to the task has been a pleasure.

Nothing is too big or small and the same enthusiasm is thrown into the task with a sense of detail. When discussing the execution of the event you feel safe with Jacob by your side – and it cannot go wrong.

Lene Jensen
Pfizer Denmark

SOS Børnebyerne

It’s very comforting knowing that everything is under control and the technical parts are functional both in the first, second and third room.

Lovely well-run and well-functioning.

Thankful for the help! It’s always a pleasure to work with you.

Best regards

June Catherina Starling
SOS Børnebyerne


Bech-bruun has worked with Sundberg Production when we wanted to throw a major party for our partners and employees.

We were from start until finish of the project very satisfied with the cooperation with Jacob Sundberg and his team who professionally took care of the project. Jacob Sundberg has a sense for details and made a great honor of returning the venue in the same beautiful style which was the starting point for the party.

I can highly recommend Sundberg Production.

Simon Evers Kalsmose-Hjelmborg
Managing Partner
Bech Bruun

Elos Medtech Pinol

We have Sundberg Production for organizing our summer company party several times, and it is by far the best parties we have ever had in the firm. The atmosphere was good and relaxed due to the structure.

We can definitely recommend Sundberg Production as eventpartner.

Jonas Kristiansen

Elos Medtech Pinol

NAG – Nordsjællands Andels Grovvareforening

NAG could in Juny 2015 celebrate 50 years anniversary and this was marked with an open house arrangement and a party. We contacted Sundberg Production to get some help coordinating the day, and they were in charge of all the practical arrangements with both parts of the day.

They fulfilled their job to the fullest and I can only recommend Sundberg Production to alike arrangements.

Especially the membership party for 300 guests got a lot of praise and received a lot of positive e-mails and calls within the days and weeks after. The venue we were at, was a huge concrete hall, so it was in need of some creative decoration. All the decorations was done in style and also the food and service were completely outstanding.