Social event with streetfood

Our client had an upcoming visit from the board from Switzerland and wanted to make a different type of event with a focus on the environment.

We decided to make it with inspiration from the streetfood island i DK called Reffen and made a lounge area with pallet couches and benches, but still made a cosy atmosphere with the table decor.

The guests could choose dinner servings from 6 different street food trucks and 4 different dessert bicycles and coffee trucks. It was a world of authentic food tastings in a combination of a perfomance from an artist and a colorful environment.

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Summerparty in a tipi

Summerparty in a tipi tent with lots of lights, flowers and colors.

Splendid succes with dessert over fires with s’mores and popcorn.

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Online company party with event box


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Harvest festival

A client wanted our help with decoration a tent for their summer company party with the theme Harvest Festival.

We made different decorations “stations” inside the tent that fitted into the theme to make it playful and entertaining.

There was among other things an old saddle, milk jugs and wild flowers.

Besides decoration, we had a mechanical bull set up for the guests to try and different garden games and straw bales to sit on.

Our clients was very satisfied with the setting and they had a great summer party.

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Oticon – Winter Wonderland

We had the honor of arranging Christmas party for Oticon and their 850 employees once again. The wish for this year’s theme was that Christmas would have to be implemented but without it being classic Christmas, so we therefore decided on “Winter Wonderland”.

The party was again held at HQ and we therefore decorated the whole place. We got a custom-made white sleigh with mechanical white reindeer as photo prop, large banners with snow and winter landscapes, snowflakes and snowballs as a decoration in the ceiling and a magic table decoration to create the right atmosphere. Our staff were dressed in matching dresses for the ladies and a shirt with a butterfly for the guys to fit in properly. There was entertainment in form of casino tables with dealers, gaming lounge with football tables, wheel of fortune, air hockey etc.

Djämes Braun came and started the party, and Stagebreakers continued in interaction with a cool DJ to kick off the party.

As always, we stood for the entire planning, all the decoration, bars and committees, music, organization and the whole settlement.

It was a huge success and the guests stuck to the bright morning!

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Roche_Around the world

Roche – Around the world party

We were booked to make a party where the guests were going to one country or more. From this the idea of “Around The World – The Sky is the Limit” raised.

The party was held at the company’s storageroom, so we made a great setup to transform the place into a cozy and nice setup for their company party.

Guests visited 3 different countries – China, Italy and Hawaii. We set up 4 big screens, where a slide show of mood images from the countries was run, which was supplemented with the right light and music appropriate for the country. Our staff changed the costume during the dishes, and all the decoration was changed continuously as we arrived in the countries. Of course, the guests also received food from the countries, so the whole evening was determined based on the destinations.

There was entertainment in the form of standup comedy and a quiz and after dinner the Hawaii bar opened and the DJ opened the dance floor.

It was a very successful evening with great praise from the guests.

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Teambuilding & leadership

A short teambuilding session for a smaller group that was on a management course. It took place in a beautiful setting at Studenterkilden in Klampenborg overlooking Klampenborg Galopbane.

We started with a group exercise and afterwards divided the group into 3 teams. So the group went through 4 exercises, that all had the purpose of strengthen the teamwork and start a process of how you handle working with others that have different inputs to solutions and how you combine your thoughts and ideas, so you solve the task in the best way possible.

So teambuilding doesn’t have to be several hours to do a difference. This events was only 1,5 hours. All the participants learned something about themself or their team members.

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Missya modeshow

Bloomingville – Launch event

Bloomingville, an interior design company, was about to launch their new collection and wanted to spoil their dealers and customers with a great event. They therefore contacted Sundberg Production for assistance in coordinating this, and making sure that everything would proceed without complications. We were responsible of finding the right venue, sound and light, finding the right caterer and making the overall coordination before and during the event.

The event took place at The Lab in Østerbro, and formed the setting for a really good event, with delicious food delivered by The Lab and cocktail bar supplied by Sundberg Production. Thøger Dixgaard came and played acoustically for the guests, while they had delicious finger food and sipped summer cocktails.

All in all, a super well-executed event, with great products from Bloomingville.

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Teambuilding event - Sundberg Production

Teambuilding in teams

Roche wanted to make a fun day for their employees, with the purpose of strengthened the teamwork and unity. We divided the participants in teams with 5-8 people and made an orienteering race. They were sent out to 12 different control points, were they were to solve tasks such as build and construct, calculate, assemble something. All the participants had a fun day, learned something new about their colleagues and found their position in a group.

Afterwards they enjoyed a delicious barbecue dinner in a big tent along with a DJ and cocktails.

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Oktoberfest - Sundberg Production

Roche – October party

Our clients desire was to make a company party with a theme that could be decorated and to have some activities that the guests could participate in. We therefore decided to make a party with the theme Octoberparty. This meant, among other things, blue-checkered tablecloths, lots of beer, games and costumes.

The event was held at the companys garden in a large tent, with room for everything. Here we had provided all the equipment, decor, activities, bar and staff.

All 80 guests were happy and didn’t go home thirsty!

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