Casino rental - Sundberg Production

Oticon – James Bond 007

Oticon christmas party 2015

We were once again chosen to organize Oticon’s Christmas party, and this time the theme was James Bond party with all that entails. It was decorated in the best 007 style, and we had made a game room where the guests could try their hand at the casino tables with professional dealers. The party was again held at the companies HQ, so we had decorated their cafeteria, hall and party ares so they were ready for a great dinner and party.

There were ballon towers, prism chandeliers, red carpet with Bond figures and sports car as decoration. The tables were decorated with playing cards, casino chips and dices, besides lights and table cloth.

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Lederudvikling i Svalbard - Sundberg Production

NAG -50 year anniversary

Anniversary party

When NAG had 50 years anniversary, they decided to hire an event agency, to do for event. It became a gala dinner with entertainment for approx. 300 guests.

Sundberg Production was responsible for the entire event, for planning and settlement, and the guests had a fantastic evening.

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Novartis & Sandoz

Novartis & Sandoz julearrangement

Novartis og Sandoz holdt en lækkert og eksklusivt julefest i filmbyen i Lyngby. Et stort arrangement for 250 mennesker, hvor gallastemningen var i top og alle fik lov til, at føle sig som stjerner på den røde løber. Vi stod for alt lige fra idéudvikling til afviklingen af selve arrangementet.

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AbbVie – American Diner


AbbVie’s employees got a great night when we turned their canteen into a classic American Diner from the 50’s. The theme was super accomplished with checkered floors, neon lights, dressed up staff and 50’s inspired live dance shows. A different and fun way to keep the annual Christmas party. Sundberg Production was responsible for the entire event – both planning and settlement.

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Bech Bruun – party

Partner arrangement for law firm

The law firm Bech Bruun held an extravagant, James Bond inspired company party for the partners in the company in a private mansion. We stood for the entire idea presentation and the actual execution of the event. 100 happy and satisfied guests got an exclusive evening with champagne, cigar rolls, casino, sports cars and much more.

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Hørsholm Midtpunkt- 25th Anniversary

Fashion show, artists and events

When Hørsholm Midtpunk’s first floor had its 25th anniversary, we celebrated it with manners. We had an exciting weekend with two big fashion shows, treasure hunting, wheel of fortune and the X Factor winners, Anthony and Jasmine, were entertaining with a some tracks. We also had a visit by fashion expert Christina Wedel, who gave an exciting lecture on fashion and trends in the coming seasons. A long and entertaining weekend, in which we in collaboration with Hørsholm Midtpunk’s own event department, got a really good event. We participated in both planning and settlement.

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Elos Medtech Pinol A/S – spanish party


Elos Medtech Pinol’s had a great party as we transformed their atrium and canteen into a Spanish charter paradise. Both outdoor and indoor bars were set up, large grape vines hung from ceilings, candle bottles stood on all tables, large barrels, jars etc. were placed all over to give the feeling of being in the south. An event for approx. 80 guests, was a huge success. We were responsible for all the planning of the event and for the settlement on the day itself.

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Themedinner & awardshow

007 James Bond gala dinner

Awardshow and party in connection with an international conference for First Hotels.

Decoration, artists, dancers, stuntmen, casino, band and DJ and overall coordination of the event.


Western theme party


Western party for a large international fashion concern in Cph. We were in charge of everything from invitation to dinner, decoration, entertainment, IT and the execution.

250 happy guests got an experience they will never forget.

Westernfest - Sundberg Production

Jackpot – fashionshow & dinner

Open air fashion show at Charlottenlund Fort with following dinner at Skovshoved Hotel